Dishwasher Safe-ty Ceramic Mug 11oz


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Confuse and amuse with our “Not Dishwasher Safe” mug – a playful contradiction for your daily dose of caffeine. This tongue-in-cheek cup features a bold red circle with the warning “Not Dishwasher Safe” on its side, while sneakily reassuring you with a discreet “Dishwasher Safe” written on the bottom. Are we serious? You decide!

Made from high-quality ceramic, this quirky mug offers a durable, dishwasher-safe construction, perfect for enjoying hot or cold beverages while giving you (and others) a good chuckle. It’s an entertaining addition to your home, office, or as a conversation starter during weekend catch-ups with friends.

Our “Not Dishwasher Safe” mug is an ideal gift for those who appreciate a humorous challenge, as they ponder the true nature of their drinkware. Whether it’s a birthday, housewarming, or a simple gesture of friendship, this comical conundrum is sure to raise eyebrows and elicit laughter.

Add a dose of mystery and amusement to your daily coffee or tea ritual with this unique mug that keeps you guessing – and giggling. Order yours today and embrace the delightful dilemma!

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